Corporate SEO Prices

We Don’t Work With Competitors

We make arrangements for your customers to find your website and to be the best rank in search engines. We convey our knowledge to the companies we work with, such as marketing, technical infrastructure, hosting. Corporate SEO prices may vary depending on the competition in the industry. For low and medium competition sector price is 920 ₺ + VAT in 2020 monthly. For the best web marketing, getting this service from outside should be lower cost and high efficient. We do not work with competitors from the same industry. SEO prices vary according to the competition of the sector.. The old firm has to allow it. Providing one year of work, your satisfaction will continue to work for years. When we start a study, we close some sector. Search engine improvement

Seo is Not a One-Time Process

Search engines are constantly developing, renewing themselves, competitors in the industry are developing and new competitors are entering, search trends and word combinations are changing. Therefore, SEO is not a process to be done and left once; requires regular work and development.

Reduce Your Web Marketing Cost with Low SEO Fees

Compared with other types of advertisements such as magazine or newspaper ads, properly improved Google SEO prices bring more qualified visitors – customers at low cost and make a significant contribution to the development of the company in the long run. Many companies started employing staff for search engine improvement. Instead of experience and is very valuable marketing information by consulting experts from outside the institution to carry out SEO services, it is lowering the cost as improve the quality of service. Contact us for Google SEO prices, which we mainly work on, due to its share among search engines.

What SEO Service Prices Include

SEO service prices include SEO consultancy fee, directory registrations, social media promotions and other link building (we do not prefered get paid links) activities, if necessary, purchasing new domain names, referrals and on site optimizations. We also support the company’s Google Ads management without requiring an additional SEO fee. We also provide CDN and hosting service free of charge in corporate sites that do not consume excessive resources.

Corporate SEO Consulting In order Not To Reduce Our Quality

We limit our number of customers to provide quality service to our existing customers who have been working with us for years. Turhan SEO Consultancy, our customer portfolio is predominant in Istanbul, but we also have outside and outside country SEO studies. In order to provide a problem-free service to our customers who have been working with us for years, we limit the number of our customers. SEO service fee for new customers is regulated according to our customer density, and we increase our old customers at low rates over time in comparison to inflation.

Updated on 17 June 2020

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